Explosion proof intelligent sensor

1. exploitation, oil refining, chemical industry, offshore oil platforms and oil tankers. It is also used in combustible dust places such as military industry, ports, grain storage and metal processing. It is used for remote monitoring and data acquisition of intelligent lighting lamps in the lines of intelligent lighting control places where the system voltage is AC230V / AC220V;

2. Suitable for explosive gas environment zone 1, zone 2;

3. Explosive atmosphere: class ⅡA,ⅡB,ⅡC;

4. Suitable for combustible dust environment in the area 22, 21;

5. Suitable for high protection requirements, damp and  containing corrosive gases  places.

Model Implication



1. This product is composed of explosion-proof shell, main chamber, wiring chamber, built-in conversion sensor control board and exposed antenna for wireless control. The explosion-proof type is a composite structure, which is formed by ZL102 cast aluminum die-casting and sprayed with plastic on the surface. The external cable is connected to the wiring terminal through the lead-in device. Grounding screws are set inside and outside the wiring cavity. Users must be reliably grounded when using the product. There are sealing strips at the main cavity of the sensor and the shell cover of the wiring cavity, so that the protection grade of the product can reach IP66. This product and explosion-proof and anti-corrosion all plastic fluorescent LED lamp together form an explosion-proof intelligent LED lamp.

2. Working voltage input: AC90~305V, frequency 50 / 60Hz.

3. The sensor adopts two technologies of low-power communication mode Zigbee or LoRa, which has the characteristics of long communi- cation distance, high sensitivity, strong anti-interference performance and low power consumption, and can realize the data transmission between one point to multipoint and multipoint to multipoint devices; It can be combined with Internet of things communication, collect the real-time data status of lamps and transmit it to the cloud platform through the gateway, and build a variety of network modes such as wireless 2G / 3G / 4G Ethernet and WiFi; It can analyze and interact with the monitoring center.

4. It has the remote reading function of voltage, current, frequency, power and temperature detection; At the same time, it has the functions of overvoltage protection, lightning protection, lamp condition detection, lamp switch and dimming.

5. It can be applied to various types of light source lamps, such as LED lamps, fluorescent lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, etc.

6. Wireless frequency point: 2.4G ism global free frequency band, 16 wireless channels, with 0~10 V / PWM dimming interface.

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