FCD96 series

Explosion-proof high efficiency LED lamp (ceiling lamp)

1. The altitude shall not exceed 2000m;

2. The relative humidity of the surrounding air shall not be greater than 95%(+ 25 ℃);

3. In explosive gas environment (zone 1 and zone 2) containing A,  andC and temperature group T1 ~ T6, or combustible dust environment (zone 21 and zone 22), or in the environment where the above two types of media exist at the same time;

4. In places without violent shaking and shock vibration;

5. In the environment without damaging insulation;

6. Pollution level of environmental conditions: Level 3;

7. Installation category: Class II.

Model Implication



1. The shell is made of high-strength aluminum alloy with magnesium and titanium content of no more than 7.5%, which has good impact resistance, can withstand impact of no less than 7J, and high-voltage electrostatic plastic spraying on the outer surface.

2. Exposed stainless steel fasteners with high anti-corrosion performance.

3. Equipped with international brand LED light source, LED lens is used for secondary light distribution technology, with soft light, large luminous angle, high light efficiency, high color rendering, long service life, green environmental protection, reasonable light distribution and uniform illumination; Light efficiency > 100lm / W, high color rendering, RA > 80.

4. High borosilicate tempered glass transparent cover is adopted to resist high-energy impact and thermal fusion, and the light trans-mittance is up to 90%.

5. Equipped with brand driving device, wide voltage input, with constant current, open circuit protection, short circuit protection, surge protection and other functions.

6. Wide voltage range: 90V ~ 264VAC input, rapid startup, and there is no problem that it is difficult to start due to low temperature.

7. The light source cavity is made of aluminum alloy with high heat dissipation, the aluminum substrate of the light source circuit is close to the aluminum alloy shell, and the heat of the light source is quickly transmitted to the shell surface through the aluminum alloy shell; A large number of heat dissipation columns are made on the outer surface to greatly improve the surface area of the shell, effectively take away the heat generated by LED work with the help of air flow, control the temperature of LED working node in the best range, reduce LED light attenuation and greatly prolong the service life of LED.

8. Low loss and high efficiency: the overall lamp efficiency is more than 85%, and the power factor is more than 0.95 The input frequency range is 47 ~ 63Hz.

9. This series of lamps are maintenance free products, energy saving and environmental protection.

10. Steel pipe and cable wiring are acceptable.

Main Technical Parameters


Order Note

1. Select one by one according to the rules in the meaning of model and specification, and add explosion-proof signs and ordering quantity after the meaning of model. Specifically, "product model - specification code + explosion-proof sign + order quantity".

2. If there are special needs, it shall be specified in detail when ordering.