BS51 series

Explosion-proof- aiming flashlight

1 . Widely used in oil exploration, oil refining, chemical, military and other hazardous environments and offshore oil platforms, oil tankers and other places for inspection and mobile lighting purposes;

2 . Suitable for explosive gas environment zone 1, zone 2;

3 . Explosive atmosphere: class ⅡA,ⅡB, ⅡC;

4 . Suitable for combustible dust environment in the area 22, 21;

5 . Suitable for high protection requirements, damp places.

Model Implication



1.  It is made of aluminum alloy with high hardness. The exterior should be spraying with sand, which can reach the effect of skid proof. The global color is argent and it has beautiful appearance.

2.  In the lamps, it has a magnetic switch, which have the functions of isolation and water proof.

3.  It adopts high non-memory battery. There are some adva- ntages of large capacity a, long service life and low discharge rate.

4.  We use a special bulb in the flashlight, which has fine lighting effect, long irradiation range and great color rendering.Using LED illuminant, the lighting effect can be reached 100 lm/w, and it has a low energy loss and a long service life.

5. The irradiation range is 200m;

6.  It has great sealing performance, small volume and light weight .

Main Technical Parameters


Order Note

1. Accord with the model implication's rules to select regularly, and Ex-mark should be added behind model implication. The template is as following: code for product model implication+Ex-mark.Forexample, we need the flameproof flashlight. According to those, the model implication is BS51+ Exd ⅡC T6 Gb+20.

2. If there are some special requirements, it should be pointed as ordering.