BGJ series

Explosion-proof connector

1. Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous locations;

2. Class II explosive atmosphere;

3. Used in petroleum, chemical, aerospace, military and other places.

Model Implication



1. This product is made of high quality carbon steel with galvanized passivation or stainless steel.

2. It can be specially made according to user requirements.

Main Technical Parameters


Order Note

1. Select one by one according to the rules in the model meaning, and add the explosion-proof mark after the model meaning. It is emb- odied as: “Product specification model code + anti-explosion mark”. If you need explosion-proof union, internal thread at both ends, pipe thread G , mining Made of stainless steel. Then the product model is: “BHJg-G inside/G +Ex d IIC Gb Ex tD A20 IP66.”

2. If the user has special needs, it must be specified at the time of ordering.