AC series

Explosion-proof bolt

1. Hazardous: division 1&2 or zone 21、22;

2. Explosive or steam atmosphere: class Ⅱ A, ⅡB, Ⅱ C , flam-mable dust atmospheres;

3. Indoor or outdoor ;

4.Temperature class: T1~T6.

Model Implication



1. Plug part One-step Die-casting modeling is made with high strength alumni without copper, and the outer shell features reasonable structure, high strength, and fine explosion-proof. Due to high voltage static spray after high-speedy polish, and plastic powder with good adhesion, the surface features good antiseptic property with clean and elegant appearance

2. With reliable interlocking function, which plugs a body to plug that plug rotation after the arrow above on "I" table up, then plug can't pluck up, Only rotation to plug the arrow above plug on "O" cut off the table, and then plug to pull out.

3. Contact of plug is reliable, long life. there is a spring pin with shutters inside the socket, so it is asy to self-clean the plug, and ensures the small resistance and low temperature

rise, at the same time, it can deduces the plug force into min one. This design ensures the normal working and constant self-clean functions, avoid the effect of environments(when such as it’s working humidity, dust);

4. The padlock is set on the plug.

Main Technical Parameters


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