SFA series

Water explosion&corrosion-proof master controller

1. Areas with more rain, more humidity and heavier salt spray.

2. The working environment is humid and there is a place for water vapor.

3. The altitude does not exceed 2000m.

4. The working environment contains non-flammable dust such as sand and dust.

5. The working environment contains corrosive gases such as weak acids and weak bases.

6. Applicable to petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, military, warehousing and other places.

7. Used as command transmission and status monitoring.

Model Implication



1. Built-in various control components;

2. Enclosure is made of glass fibre reinforced polyester resin it's with perfect erosion-proof,thermal stability, high degree of protection, advanced structure and constant sealing properties;

3. Components can be arranged on request;

4. All fasteners are stainless steel screws, the structure can prevent falling off;

5. Various components can be easy to install on the guide rail, which is convenient to maintain.

Main Technical Parameters


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